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Micro Focus ZENworks Training Courses

Micro Focus Training Services offers a complete line of training courses on the ZENworks Suite


  • ZENworks 2017 Administration Workshop (Not available until Quarter 2 2017)
    (Course 3164)

    The purpose of this workshop is to enable ZENworks Desktop Managers (Administrators) to perform standard administrative tasks using ZENworks 2017. The workshop provides an environment where students perform tasks based on “real-world” production scenarios, receive evaluation on their performance, and are free to focus on administrative tasks relevant to their job description.

    The task-oriented scenarios include configuring user sources and administrators, managing device registration, deploying the ZENworks Adaptive Agent and software bundles, enforcing device configurations with policies, managing devices remotely, managing asset inventory, viewing ZENworks audit events, generating ZENworks predefined reports, and imaging computers with ZCM.

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  • ZENworks Configuration Management Administration
    (Course 3120)

    The purpose of this course is to teach students ZENworks Configuration Management basic administrative skills (through version ZCM 11 SP4) in order to resolve help desk issues and perform routine administrative tasks. In this course, students learn the concepts, components, and processes of ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) that are required core knowledge for anyone who plans to administer ZCM or any integrated or related ZENworks products.

    Students are provided a lab environment to build their administrative knowledge by performing “real-world” tasks through a variety of exercises related to discovering devices, deploying the ZENworks Adaptive Agent and software bundles, enforcing device configurations with policies, deploying software with bundles, managing devices remotely, collecting inventory/event data and generating reports, and deploying images to devices.

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  • Customizing the ZENworks Configuration Management Imaging Distro
    (Course 3122)

    This course is designed to help experienced ZENworks Configuration Management Administrators learn how to perform advanced imaging tasks using the ZCM Imaging feature (particularly the Imaging Distribution file).

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  • Mobile Management Administration
    (Course 8023)

    In this course, students are introduced to the fundamental skills of installing and configuring Micro Focus Mobile Management and how to enroll and manage supported mobile devices. Students also learn how to create corporate mobile applications, how to create shared files and how to create policy suites including for compliance management.

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  • ZENworks Reporting 5: Administration
    (Course 8722)

    ZENworks Reporting 5 is designed for the ZENworks customer who needs to report on data outside the core inventory data delivered by ZENworks. In this course, students are introduced to installing and upgrading ZENworks Reporting 5 and importing additional data domains to extend ZENworks Reporting 5 into new ZENworks products.

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  • ZENworks Reporting 5: Building Reports
    (Course 8723)

    This course uses many practical examples and hands-on labs to introduce you to creating reports using ZENworks Reporting 5. Data from different functional areas of ZENworks—inventory, bundles, patch management and so on—is used to introduce the range of report formatting and drill-down features available in ZENworks Reporting 5.

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  • Application Virtualization 11.x Administration
    (Course 8716)

    This course provides instruction on how to administer a Micro Focus Application Virtualization 11 implementation. Students will use Application Virtualization to package, customize and deploy several applications. Students will customize and work with advanced deployment techniques, including remote virtual applications and streaming virtual applications.

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  • Managing Assets with ZENworks Asset Management 11.x
    (Course 8015)

    This course presents a comprehensive look at how to use Micro Focus ZENworks 11.x Asset Management. The course begins with a review of software asset management techniques. Then, after an introduction to the ZENworks Control Center, we present the features of ZENworks Asset Management: usage monitoring, document and contract management, and software license management.

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  • ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Administration and Troubleshooting
    (Course 8519)

    This course will provide you with an understanding of Micro Focus ZENworks Full Disk Encryption. You will practice deploying ZENworks Full Disk Encryption and configuring policies for software-based full disk encryption. You will also learn best practices and how to create and use an emergency recovery disk and troubleshoot your full disk encryption.

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  • ZENworks Configuration Management Advanced Imaging
    (Course 9315)

    This course is designed to give you an advanced level of understanding of the Micro Focus ZENworks Configuration Management imaging feature. This class will teach students to configure and manage imaging services and troubleshoot imaging issues using ZENworks Configuration Management.

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  • Leveraging Scripted Imaging in ZENworks Configuration Management
    (Course 9316)

    This hands-on class teaches bash scripting techniques and imaging commands that can be used when leveraging the scripted imaging capabilities of Micro Focus ZENworks 11.2 Configuration Management. Scripted imaging allows users to accomplish complicated imaging processing not available using standard image bundles.

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  • Service Desk: Service Management
    (Course 8522)

    This course introduces Micro Focus Service Desk, with it's foundations based on ITIL v3 for IT Service Management. After completing this course, you should be able to install and configure Micro Focus Service Desk and be proficient with using the product to manage several ITIL processes.

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  • Securing Windows Workstations Using ZENworks Endpoint Security Management 11.x
    (Course 8520)

    This course focuses on how Endpoint Security Management can be used to secure your company's workstations and provides an extensive discussion of the product's features. The hands-on exercises teach you how to use the ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) to configure and publish Security Policies that control access to USB ports and removable media devices, provide for data encryption and application control, and demonstrate the location awareness capability of ZENworks 11.x Configuration Management.

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