Micro Focus GroupWise Training Courses

Micro Focus Training Services offers a complete line of training courses on GroupWise.



  • GroupWise 2014 R2 Administration
    (Course 3140)

    Course 3140 provides content related to GroupWise 2104 software. It is designed to help GroupWise administrators become familiar with and proficient in most aspects of GroupWise that are necessary to manage a GroupWise system such as installation, system management, user management and expanding the system and system upgrades.

    Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to set up a basic GroupWise system that includes users and other resources, install and configure the GroupWise client on Windows, add associated GroupWise products to the system like the Calendar Server, the Internet Agent, and WebAccess.

    Students taking the course should be familiar with the basics of the Linux and Windows operating systems, their file structure, and how to navigate their interfaces. Some networking skill is also useful. Being conversant in basic email terminology is also helpful.

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  • Moving to GroupWise 2014
    (Course 8726)

    This course covers the newest version of Micro Focus GroupWise: GroupWise 2014. The course focuses on the new architecture, administrative tools and features of GroupWise 2014, and on upgrade strategies for existing GroupWise customers. Students taking the course should be experienced GroupWise administrators.

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  • GroupWise 2012 Advanced Administration
    (Course 8555)

    Already have your basic GroupWise 2012 system up and running, but want to know how to customize and manage it to meet specific demands? This four-day, hands-on course is a highly technical look at the key features of GroupWise 2012 from the Administrator role, how to perform advanced configuration tasks on those features, and how to troubleshoot some of the top GroupWise technical support issues. The labs in this class focus how you can leverage GroupWise features to make administration and troubleshooting a GroupWise 2012 system more efficient.

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