Micro Focus Filr Training Courses

Micro Focus Training Services offers a complete line of training courses on Filr


  • Filr2.0 Administration
    (Course 3141)

    Course 3141 provides content related to Filr 2 software. It is designed to help Filr administrators become familiar with and proficient in most aspects of Filr that are necessary to manage a Filr system such as Appliance configuration, system management, user management, and file sharing.

    Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to set up a basic Filr system that includes users and file system data. The student will know how to access Filr data from the Filr Desktop client and from hand-held devices. In addition, students will become familiar with methods for monitoring Filr performance and how to access Filr reports.

    Students taking the course should be familiar with the basics of the Linux and Windows (desktop and server) operating systems, their file structure, and how to navigate their interfaces. Some networking and network directory skill is also useful.

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  • Filr Administration
    (Course 8717)

    In this class, students will be introduced to Micro Focus Filr. Students will learn how to install and configure the virtual appliance and the client software for both desktop and mobile devices. Students will learn how to provision LDAP users via LDAP, configure sharing for both internal and external users and configure net folders.

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